I got a referral to Ray as part of a network of consultants accessible through a benefit in my husband’s workplace. I am so glad Ray was on that list! I live in California, and Ray is in Maryland where my childhood home is and where my father’s wife now lives. I needed to speak with an estate planning attorney in Maryland to understand what the law says about the arrangement my sister and I are in through my father’s will. Our father left the house to us but said his wife can live there until she no longer wishes to, so it isn’t clear who is on the hook (legally) for what expenses beyond the simple ones. Ray was very helpful, took time to review the documents I sent, answered all our questions (mine and my sister’s), and offered his advice based on years of experience with cases like ours. He also followed up afterwards. I hope our situation doesn’t become one where we need the intervention of many lawyers, but should we need one, Ray will be the first one I will call! By the way, he offered all these services to us free of charge. We can’t thank Ray enough for this invaluable help.” —M.A. 11/15/2021