Free Emergency Legal Documents for Healthcare Workers

You put your life on the line for our community every day as you take care of so many during this pandemic. We appreciate your courageous efforts and sacrifices during these difficult times.

To help protect you and your family, we are providing our Emergency Legal Documents FREE of charge to all health care workers. This package includes:

  • Advance Health Care Directive — Name an agent or person you trust to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to. This includes a HIPPA Release Form that authorizes those you designate to access your protected health information.
  • Power of Attorney for PropertyAllows your agent to pay your bills and make other time-sensitive financial decisions if you are unable to.

With these documents, we will provide you instructions on how to fill them out and get them signed, witnessed, and notarized. You will also have the option to schedule a 15-minute phone call with us to answer any questions about the forms.

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to an attorney about setting up an estate plan, including either a Will or Living Trust, we are happy to offer you:

  • Flexible video consultations
  • Documents prepared within 10 working days
  • Safe document signing protocol

Just check the box in the submission form asking us to contact you and we’ll call you within 1 business day.

Get Your Free Documents Today!

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