Medicaid Appointments

What Your Medicaid Appointment Should Be Like

There are relatively few lawyers or law firms in Maryland and D.C. that competently handle planning for seniors facing long-term care costs. This naturally leaves you wondering what goals you should have during the initial meeting.

Before the meeting, we will send you our Estate Planning Assessment (EPA) and the other documents that are available for download–to the right. You must bring these with you to your meeting to have all of the information we need to advise you properly.

The initial meeting may last several hours. It is designed to meet seven specific objectives:

  1. Identify you and your family’s long term goals
  2. Review your legal and financial information
  3. Create a preliminary eligibility plan
  4. Share with you current Medicaid policy rules
  5. Illustrate how regulations and policies work
  6. Provide a timeline for your eligibility
  7. Quote a flat fee for our services

If you decide to use our Firm for services, we will set up a follow-up due diligence meeting and set a date to execute any legal documents needed.

Please fill the below documents out as fully as possible and bring them with you to your initial appointment.

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