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In the natural progression of aging, many questions arise concerning the security of one’s assets and future well-being. As these uncertainties mount, having the right answers is imperative. At The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown, our Annapolis, MD estate planning attorneys understand the unique challenges that come with aging and are dedicated to providing comprehensive elder law services that address the specific needs of each of our clients. 

Whether you simply want to plan ahead for your future or you have immediate concerns and require experienced advice and guidance moving forward, Raymond E. Brown and his team of attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way. To speak with an experienced elder law attorney at our law firm, give us a call at (443) 554-9944 or contact us online to set up your initial consultation today.

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What is Elder Law?

As a person ages, their legal needs often shift and become more complex. Elder law is a specialized field of legal practice that concentrates on these legal issues that directly impact the elderly. For instance, while estate planning is important for individuals of all ages, an older person might need to address issues such as protecting their assets against the high costs of long-term care or ensuring that they have the appropriate legal documents in place, like advanced directives or powers of attorney, to designate decision-makers in the event of incapacity. An elder law attorney seeks to provide solutions and protections for these specific issues.

In addition to long-term care planning and estate planning documents like advanced directives and powers of attorney, this area of law also encompasses a variety of other elements, including (but not limited to) Medicaid and Medicare planning, guardianship and conservatorship, retirement planning, elder abuse, and more, all aimed at addressing the specific challenges and concerns a person may face as they age.

With an in-depth understanding of elder law issues, an estate planning attorney like those at The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown can help ensure the rights, well-being, and wishes of the elderly are protected and upheld.

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What Do Elder Law Attorneys Do?

Elder law attorneys focus their practice on the unique legal needs of older adults and their families. These lawyers assist clients in understanding and navigating the complexities that arise with aging. For instance, they may provide essential services such as drafting documents that protect an individual’s rights and wishes, including wills, trusts, and advanced healthcare directives. 

Beyond document preparation, elder law attorneys also provide guidance on issues ranging from long-term care planning to estate management. Their primary goal is to ensure their clients and families are well-informed, their assets are protected, and their later years are as seamless and dignified as possible.


At The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown, our Maryland will attorneys have years of experience guiding clients through the intricate process of creating wills. With our specialized knowledge, we work to help clients not only create and prepare a will, but understand the importance of a will in ensuring their assets are distributed according to their wishes after their passing. This includes helping our clients draft clear, legally binding documents that minimize potential disputes among beneficiaries while also considering tax implications and other issues. 


A trust is an important estate planning tool that can help manage and protect assets during your lifetime and beyond. By establishing trusts, elderly individuals can specify how their assets are utilized and distributed, often with added benefits like tax savings and avoiding probate. Raymond E. Brown and his team of attorneys are adept at Maryland trust creation, including comprehensive special needs planning, which can help provide for a loved one with disabilities. Such trusts ensure that the beneficiary retains access to essential public benefits while also receiving financial support from the trust, all without jeopardizing their eligibility for government assistance.

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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning is a crucial aspect of elder law that focuses on helping clients secure eligibility for Medicaid benefits, primarily used for long-term care costs in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Our Annapolis Medicaid planning attorneys guide clients through the intricate rules and regulations of Medicaid, ensuring they structure their assets and income in a way that meets eligibility criteria without sacrificing their entire life savings.

Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directives

A power of attorney grants a designated person the authority to make financial and other decisions on an elderly individual’s behalf, while advanced health care directives, sometimes referred to as living wills or health care proxies, provide instructions regarding medical treatments the individual wishes or does not wish to receive if they become incapacitated. Both powers of attorney and advanced directives allow clients to appoint trusted individuals to act in their best interests, ensuring that their personal, financial, and medical preferences are upheld during what is often a challenging period.

Long-Term Care Planning

Our elder law attorneys also play a crucial role in helping individuals prepare for the challenges associated with long-term care, including the potential need for assisted living or nursing home care. We provide unparalleled advice and guidance on how to best structure assets and finances to address the often high costs of nursing home bills and assisted living facilities as well as present strategies to maximize available benefits, protect a client’s wealth, and ensure that they receive the appropriate level of long-term care without being financially overwhelmed.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

In situations where an individual becomes incapacitated and cannot make decisions for themselves, an elder law attorney from our firm can assist families in navigating the legal processes to establish a guardian or conservator. A guardian typically oversees personal and health decisions, while a conservator manages financial affairs. Our duties include ensuring that the rights of the individual are upheld, guiding families through the necessary court proceedings, and providing counsel on the responsibilities and limitations of these roles.

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Asset Protection

With a comprehensive understanding of Maryland’s legal regulations and estate planning tools, our Annapolis estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown work to advise clients on the best ways to structure and protect their assets from potential threats such as long-term care costs or estate taxes. Asset protection planning ensures that an individual’s hard-earned money remains preserved for their needs and the benefit of their heirs, minimizing potential losses and maximizing financial security in their golden years.

Probate and Estate Administration

Having an elder law attorney from The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown can be extremely beneficial when it comes to guiding families and beneficiaries through the often complex process of probate and estate administration. We are more than prepared to assist executors in navigating Maryland’s specific legal requirements, ensuring that the deceased person’s assets are distributed correctly and according to their wishes. We can also offer guidance in interpreting wills, handling creditors, settling debts, and managing the timely distribution of assets. 

Elder Abuse Protection

Elder abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial in nature, is far too prevalent in our society. If abuse is suspected, our attorneys can take swift legal action to address the situation, working with local agencies and the court system to protect the vulnerable individual. We work hard to ensure that the rights and well-being of the elderly are upheld, offering both preventive counsel and aggressive representation when necessary to protect them from further harm and exploitation.

Retirement and Social Security

Elder law attorneys like our own can also offer invaluable guidance when it comes to navigating the often challenging world of retirement and Social Security benefits. We can help advise clients on the best time to start drawing Social Security to maximize benefits based on their individual circumstances as well as assist in understanding the intricacies of retirement accounts, ensuring compliance with distribution requirements, and offering strategies to protect these assets.

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Call for Comprehensive Elder Law Services in Anne Arundel County

There are a myriad of legal issues that an aging individual may face in their golden years, and it’s important that they take the steps to protect themselves, their assets, and their family. At The Law Office of Raymond E. Brown, our experienced attorneys are ready to provide professional representation in all aspects of elder law. We understand that navigating the world of elder law, estate planning, and other related practice areas can be overwhelming, which is why we believe that every client deserves tailored advice and legal guidance that makes the process much more transparent and manageable.

Whether you’re looking to secure the future of your loved ones, comprehend the complex world of retirement, or address any other important elder law concerns, our team of Annapolis elder law attorneys is here for you. To set up an appointment with a lawyer from our firm, give us a call at (443) 554-9944 or contact us online today to schedule your initial consultation.

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