Free Emergency Documents for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers have been at the front line of the COVID-19 outbreak response since the beginning. While the majority of America stayed at home, the medical community reported for duty, day in and day out, with or without the proper equipment. 

If you are a member of that community and live in Maryland, we would like to thank you for your commitment to helping those that have fallen ill. We’d like to show you we care by helping to protect you and your family by giving you our Emergency Legal Documents for FREE.

This package includes an Advance Health Care Directive, where you name an agent to make medical decisions  on your behalf in accordance with your medical preferences; and Durable Power of Attorney, where you name an agent, of your choosing, to handle time-sensitive financial decisions when you are incapacitated or unable. With these documents we include thorough instructions on how to properly fill them out and sign them as well as the option to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with us to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a hero!

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